Picking The Right Zebra Roller Shades For Your Restaurant

A fair number of restaurant owners believe that window treatments are only a matter of design. However, most aren’t aware that window treatments can affect the profitability of a restaurant. For example, when the summer sun comes around and floods through your windows, you’ll have to turn your air conditioner on overtime, which could eventually result in skyrocketing utility bills.

We believe that window treatments need to be equally functional and aesthetically pleasing, which is why we want to help you find the right window treatments for your restaurant!

Know Your Seasons

If your restaurant is in an area where the seasons change quite drastically, you will want to find window treatments that can allow prolonged light to come in during the winter but block out the sun’s heat and damaging UV rays during the summer. More often than not, smart restaurant owners choose to go with solar shades. Solar shades are some of the most durable window treatments around.

Picking The Right Zebra Roller Shades For Your Restaurant
Picking The Right Zebra Roller Shades For Your Restaurant

Think about it. You’ll likely have children pulling on them, food spilling on them, etc. They’re easy to clean and hard to tears, the perfect combo for restaurants! Plus, solar shades are incredibly sleek, making them an excellent option for restaurant spaces with large windows.

Beyond that, solar shades deliver privacy and security better than many other types of window treatments. Yes, you might be one of the fortunate ones with a restaurant that overlooks the ocean or a gorgeous city skyline. During the day, you want to let that view in and allow your customers to appreciate it while they are dining. However, as the night rolls around, the last thing you want is to have shades or curtains that are difficult to pull down.

Of course, you don’t want to have bulky curtains either, as they could potentially affect the security system. Solar shades are very easy to work with, they take up far less room, and they won’t mess with your security system in any way.

Consider the Customer

You want to consider your patrons when choosing the right window treatments for your particular restaurant. If a customer feels hot and uncomfortable or has to squint their eyes while they eat, they probably will not come back for a second meal. Most people would rather eat in the comfort of their own homes than deal with an uncomfortable public space no matter how good the food is.

Solar shades are wonderful, as they block out the sun when necessary, yet they retract with ease whenever you want to let in a bit more light. Your customers will always feel comfortable, and you will cut back on your utility bills during the hotter seasons.

When looking for window treatments, you must think about both form and function. Don’t lose money with cheap or unfit window treatments. Make sure to check out these top zebra shades – https://affordableblinds.com/ Affordable Blinds for all of your window treatment needs.

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